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Email Marketing


Use this service to create eye-catching emails and develop loyal clients who visit your site and stay connected with you. Send newsletters, marketing promotions and offers to drive return visits and increase revenue. You can also leverage email programs to encourage referral and brand advocacy by creating shareable content.


One of the most cost-effective methods to stay engaged with clients is email. Integration of email marketing with social media and web can help increase the volume of returning visitors and conversion rates. Email is also the best channel to communicate more complex messages and information on promotions, special offers, news, or share new blog content.

All you need to do is create a list of your clients and email addresses and we’ll take care of everything else. If you don't have the list yet, we can help you to collect the emails from your clients and segment it into audiences. We will design and write all necessary code for each campaign. Upon your approval, we submit and track the emails and provide you a summary of how many of the emails were received, open rates, click through rate, conversion rates, and revenue. We will also build a testing and optimization strategy for your campaigns to A/B test all aspects of the campaigns in order to maximize ROI.

It is important to note that we adhere to CAN-SPAM Act of 2004 and make every effort to avoid and prevent spam.




Search Engine Optimization is not just maximizing keywords anymore, but it has become a complex strategy to remain relevant to search engines as visitors search for your service, product or content.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Growing the organic ranking and visibility of your website is critical to scalable growth. The conversion rates from these channels can often surpass that of paid advertising. The advantage of organic ranking is over its ability to maintain same investment over time while the cost for paid method can increase as more companies fight for the first place by outbidding the competitor. It is not just building a user friendly site and assuming you will succeed to be high in ranking of search engines. Your site and its content should also be relevant to those who are searching for your services or content. Let's assume for a moment that there was no internet, the way people would come to you is if customers know about what you do and what you sell. The more know about you, the more relevant you will be to their need; and your company, product or service can become a brand name that people use as generic name. To achieve this status, you need to have people to talk about you and every new customer that contacts you and asks questions about your service or product, you will be ready and willing to provide every detail information they need to be convinced your product or service is what they want.

Now let's move to present time, the only way for visitors find you is for search engines index your site in a systematic way and as potential client type keywords, search engine provide your information and let them know that you are relevant to what they want. Keywords are not the only thing search engines evaluate your site to determine if you are relevant to visitor’s search. The search engine algorithm uses the relevance and popularity of content along with some other factors to make this determination. If it is setup correctly, every page, every link and every keyword can help you to move your ranking up. We optimize your site one link, keyword and page at a time.


The retargeting programs that continue persuade customers as they move through the sales funnel. This means engaging with customers who have given you an email address, visited your site, hit a landing page or interacted with a microsite. We can serve them ads wherever they are on the web and then make sure we stop once they make a purchase. We will manage your retargeting campaigns to generate the highest ROI for your marketing programs and engage perspective customers right up to the point of conversion.


We can create a strategy to optimize paid search keywords to improve your site’s rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). These tactics will include optimal site copy, links, meta data, structure, mapping and quality score which all impact the search engines' ability to read and index your information. New customers are out there searching; we can make it easier for them to find you.


Target any level segment, hyper-segment; we will build custom and look-alike audiences based on existing users, site visitors and best customers to drive traffic and increase revenue. We will continually test diverse creative and copy variants to optimize your return on ad spend.




There are quite a few highly-effective methods of communicating with customers that are not digital including direct mail, in-store display, magazine, newspaper, posters, flyers or promotional material like pens, clothing and mugs. The purpose of this approach is to engage your audience in more direct way with something that lasts longer than just a click. It provides a tangible element to your interaction with your potential client. If offline strategy and online strategy are integrated properly it will amplify your reach across all channels.


Your business card, company brochures, catalogs, and postcards are all marketing collateral that can be used offline to support your online campaigns.


Mugs, pens, chargers to mouse pad, anything that encourage your prospect clients to hold on to and remember you when they need your product and services.