You Don’t Know Me

You Don't Know Me
Rita Zahir

Rita Zahir
VP of Marketing and Growth

If big data and personalization are all the rage, and according to my Twitter feed they are, then why are so many marketers foregoing the options they have to segment (even hyper-segment) their customer profiles and deliver targeted messaging? This type of message contouring creates powerful ads that address the specific needs of each segment and generally creates much higher rates of engagement and conversion.

It also allows you to run small tests much faster, gain statistical significance quickly, and then push on to the next!

So tell me why we see companies continue to take the easy way out and create a general message served up to a general audience? why do we see companies create targets that cover up to 50% of the country? Why do I see ads for men’s hair growth products?

Here is a great example, after years of pitiful pleas from digital marketers across the globe, Facebook finally enabled “flex targeting” which gives the option to create and/or targeting and allows advertising to hit very specific targets with specific messages. These features do not cost more and have proven time and again to convert at higher rates. So why do users continue to see ads for products they would never use or messaging that is irrelevant?

Retargeting across Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and now Pinterest also provide for customization of ads that are severed to specific customer segments, based on email lists you upload. Companies can create groups based on purchasing behavior, cart abandonment, referral source and so much more.

This is also the case with most social media networks and DSPs (demand side platforms) when purchasing on a programmatic basis. If your organization collects data on potential and current customers there is often an ability to layer that data in through your data management platform (DMP) to the DSP. Once you have created high-value targets, craft messaging that is specifically created to solve their most pressing needs and desires.

As we work collectively to make advertising more useful and engaging (less annoying) we have to use every sword we have- may the Force be with you!